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Business Retention & Expansion


A majority of job growth occurring in Holmes County is generated from existing business. Possessing the greatest potential for future growth, the Holmes County Economic Development Council (HCEDC) has developed a Business Retention & Expansion (R&E) Program aimed at retaining, protecting and nurturing the local business community and their collective interests.

Entitled, Synergy HC, the R&E Program is composed of several elements designed to provide a thorough understanding of the issues confronting the local industry mix. An annual onsite interview conducted by HCEDC staff and board members forms the nucleus of the program, allowing executive officers and upper management to summarize the state of their business, air concerns/needs, share plans for the furture, and make suggestions for improvement. These interviews often prompt action and follow up on the part of the HCEDC. Additional R&E services include surveys and focus group exercises administered on an as needed basis.

Annually, R&E data is collected and analyzed and the findings distributed to participating business constituents, local and regional government agencies, and other public and private entities. These results are used to identify, initiate and direct strategic initiatives aimed at: 

  • Fostering collaborative opportunities
  • Reducing the cost of doing business
  • Improving business competitiveness
  • Increasing markets for business 
  • Enhancing business infrastructure
  • Encouraging job creation
  • Facilitating new capital investment